[vidéo] INDONESIE - This Retractable Bamboo Yurt Can Be Easily Transported and Installed

****This Retractable Bamboo Yurt Can Be Easily Transported and Installed
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© Tommaso Riva

The yurt’s frame is made from a bamboo of the Phyllostachys species, locally in Bali referred to as Bambu Jajang. It has an average diameter of 5 centimeters and 8 meters of usable length. It was pre-assembled on the ground using a parametrically designed metal jig. By increasing the spacings between each intersection, the structure’s partition was given a slight inclination, creating a beautiful profile. Triangulation is introduced through a recycled bicycle wheel at the top of a reciprocal hyperbolic roof, and a rope interlaced at the junction of the partition and the roof. The entire frame opens freely until the rope reaches a tensile state. Variations of its length allow for adaptation of the yurt’s profile.

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© Tommaso Riva

Being made out of bamboo, the structure is both light and economical. Once retracted, it easily fits into a shipping container. Could it be the ideal solution for temporary shelter victims of natural disasters in tropical regions? While the range of practical applications of such modular structures is endless, so are the opportunities that bamboo’s versatility offers us. Join Bamboo U to learn how to design and build with this extraordinary sustainable material.