[vidéo] INDONÉSIE - Bamboo U : Build and Design Course, Bali

VIDEO***Bamboo U: Build and Design Course, Bali
Détails :

Participants will engage in a series of on-site workshops and experience first-hand the potential of bamboo. A couple of days will be spent modeling and the bulk remainder of the time will be given over to building 1:1 structures with guidance from skilled local craftsman. Interspersed will be talks/discussions about bamboo's building properties. Students will leave understanding the life cycle of bamboo from being a seedling to a home, and will gain key insights into the gifts and challenges of what it takes to build in bamboo.

Join us! Registration is already open and fills up fast.

Bamboo U: Build and Design Course, Bali

Prominent features and skills to develop include:

  • Engage with engineers and scientists about the potential and constraints of bamboo
  • Workshops on large-scale prototyping
  • Critical theoretical knowledge about bamboo
  • Design + making skills
  • Understanding the design process from conception to construction
  • Engineering principles
  • Hands-on building

The workshop is open to ages 18+, and those working or studying in the fields of architecture, engineering, construction, carpentry, or design. No specific software requirements.

Included in the course fee are all meals, materials, tours and boutique camping accommodation.