[vidéo] MEXIQUE - Social Design Work in Mexico Brings Community, Solidarity and Local Materials Together

***Social Design Work in Mexico Brings Community, Solidarity and Local Materials Together
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Cortesía de Colectivo CHOPEkE

In January 2015, CHOPEkE collective together with the community proposed the construction of a chapel dedicated to Santa Luisa de Marillac. The project was accepted with enthusiasm by all, who then proceeded without hesitation to start organizing the demolition of the previous structure to begin building their grand dream.[...]

The project followed construction techniques using straw bale walls that are thermal, durable, cheap and resistant, as well as the use of natural materials from the region such as mud, wood, and stone, employing the ancestral technique of bahareque to finish the pine walls. [...]

A clay straw system was used on the roof. The final finish was made with light mortar and paint made naturally with lime. This was a community experience that is rarely present in our society, where not only did support come in the form of the workforce, but also with food, drinks and spiritual support from the elderly or housewives who could not attend frequently.

Cortesía de Colectivo CHOPEkE

The CHOPEkE Collective mission always promotes care and respect, while tirelessly seeking to restore the dignity that has been taken from both the poor and the Earth. The main interest of the project and its reflection is the recognition of the house, which is at the heart of every activity as well as a place of recollection and intimacy that is simultaneously outside (the Common House, the Earth), and inside (the home); and which will only be experienced existentially as a dwelling that stems from recognition and recollection.

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Cortesía de Colectivo CHOPEkE

CHOPEkE collective is about to begin its seventh housing project, where the house is seen as the beginning of all human activity, because it is the background from which man unfolds his existence, that is, the house is the place where man lives and therefore, it is the place where he takes refuge, feels safe and covered.